Options / Accessories

Essemtec equipment can be further enhanced with a wide range of optional accessories:


Component Verification (CVU)
  • Electrical component verification unit
  • Measure/Verify diodes and LCR properties of components
  • Measure up to 4 components simultaneously


2.5D High Precision Laser
  • Measure surface topology
  • Display surface topology on screen
  • Dispense 3D patterns
  • Place 2.5D (various heights, but coplanar)


Long Board Option
  • Board length up to 4 feet
  • Step and repeat placement
  • Stencil free with paste jetting


LED Blow-Off Feature
  • Additional valves for controlled blow off pressure
  • Selectable blow off pressure and time for each package
  • Dedicated LED system (Long board + LED blow-off)


Vacuum, Heat and Lift Tables
  • Various tooling options
  • Custom made size
  • Temperature control of substrates
  • Vacuum adaptations


  • Wide set of nozzles for all types of components, adaptors for all SPT and Minitron nozzles


Adaptable Feeder Concept

All Essemtec feeders are intelligent and can therefore be placed into any slot and are then automatically recognized by the feeder bus. Moreover, feeders can be removed, rekitted or placed into another slot without stopping the machine.  Feeder racks are backward compatible and thus accommodate all previous feeder generations.

Furthermore, Essemtec has the ability to integrate a vast range of feeders to optimize your applications. Custom solutions have been realised with Ebso and Hoover Davis feeders among others.


Intelligent Feeder Kitting for all Types of Components

  • Mixed feeders in any combination
  • High-speed hyQ-feeder
  • Single feeder
  • Cassette feeder
  • Automatic tray changer
  • Stick feeder
  • Tape strip feeder
  • Deep pocket feeder
  • THT feeder for LEDs
  • Special feeder
  • Compatible for FLX/CLM feeder
  • Tape sizes from 8 to 56/72mm