Advanced Automation

One of Essemtec’s advantages is the ability to adapt our core platforms to build advanced automation solutions for micro system assemblies. The combination of dispensing/jetting fluids and placing miniature components with high z-axis stroke can be expanded to build micro cameras, micro lens assemblies, MEMS sensor packages and so forth. Also, integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs), EMI shields, etc. are easily and automatically built with high repeatability. Moreover, 3D over-molded lead frames, which are heavily deployed in automotive solutions, are easily populated using Essemtec’s work cell concept.

The SW allows for an unlimited number of dispense and placement cycles on any substrate or work holder. A typical sequence would be:

  • 1. Insert empty tray
  • 2. Pick bottom shell and place in tray
  • 3. Dispense first fluid in 3D pattern
  • 4. Pick electro/mechanical components and place in bottom shell
  • 5. Dispense second fluid
  • 6. Pick top shell and close housing

Jet Printer - Dispenser - Mounter
  • Up to 12.000 cph and / or 100‘000 dots/h
  • High speed jetting of solder paste and glue
  • Combination of jet and needle valves
  • Up to 240 feeder lanes


3D Motion with Six Axis Robot

Lead Frame Processing

3D Molded Lead Frame

Special Work Holder


Extra Large Board Mounter
  • Up to 18.000 cph
  • Component range 01005 to 3.15 x 2.75”
  • Max. PCB size: 23.5 x 27.5”
  • Long board option: 47.25 x 15.75”
  • Back panel manufacturing


Revolutionary 3D MID Dispensing and Placing System
  • 3D motion with six axis robot
  • Programmable 3 nozzle placement head
  • 1 additional dispensing head
  • Places 1.000-2.500 cph in 3D mode
  • Custom built


Application Examples

A short list of application examples that Essemtec machines are capable of.


3D Contact Dispensing
  • 3D contact dispensing with automatic height adjustment


3D Gasketing
  • 3D Gasketing with Time-Pressure or Screw Valve


Cavities Dispensing and Assembly
  • Paste Dispensing and SMT Placement on molded lead frames


Dam and Fill
  • High aspect ration dam and fill in one single pass trough


LED Encapsulation
  • Jet Encapsulation of LED packages with phosphor silicone


SMT Glue Jetting
  • High Speed Jetting of SMT Glue of various dot sizes at 100'000 dots/h


High Speed Solder Paste Jetting
  • High Speed Solder Paste Jetting with up to 80'000 dots/h


Combined Solder Paste and Glue Jetting
  • High Speed Jetting of multiple fluids in one pass through


Jetting of Silver Epoxy
  • Jetting of various line widths and patterns with one setup


LED Long Board Conveyor
  • 1.2 m Long Board Conveyor for jet printing
    and placement


2.5D Assembly
  • 2.5D Flexible SMT Mounter for Stacked Assemblies


Humidity Control of all Stored Reels
  • Automatic SMD Storage and humidity
    control of all reel sizes