Dispensing Machines

Essemtec dispensing equipment is fast, reliable and versatile. It can be equipped with up to 4 fluid pumps for a wide range of applications from SMT glue and solder paste to chip packaging applications such as underfill and flux jetting.

Valves and pumps are easily interchanged thanks to Essemtec's plug & play connector board.

Dispenser for SMT High-Volume Lines
  • Up to 100.000 dots/h
  • Up to 4 dispensing valves per machine
  • Accuracy of 51 μm (3 sigma)
  • Dots, lines, surfaces and free form patterns


Compact High-Speed Jet Dispenser
  • Up to 150.000 dots/h
  • Up to 2 dispensing valves per machine
  • Accuracy of 40 μm (3 sigma)
  • Virtual Spider tour: www.my-smt-spider.com


Plug-and-Play Quick Change System
  • Piezo jet valve
  • Pneumatic jet valve
  • Archimedean screw valve
  • Piezo flow valve
  • Time-pressure valve


Solder Paste and SMT Glue

LED Encapsulation

Silver Epoxy


Lid Sealing