SMT Jet Printing

Jet printing offers a fast method of applying solder paste for rapid prototyping boards and saves the cost of stencils. Design restrictions of stencil printing are overcome by selectively applying additional paste volume or allowing for pin-in-paste designs. The Jet Printer works with most pastes but requires uniform solder ball size distribution to avoid clogging.

High Speed Jet Printer
  • Up to 80.000 dots/h
  • Smallest dot 12 mils
  • Leaded / lead-free pastes
  • Max. PCB size 47,24 x 15,75”

SMT Stencil Printing

Solder paste application is one of the key factors for high quality solder joints. The requirements regarding alignment accuracy and controllable print parameters are equally important for manual and semi-automatic printers.

All machines from Essemtec are based on an over 20 year experience in developing and building stencil printers and include unique features for high flexibility and easy operation.

Fully Automatic Inline Printer
  • Print format: 23.94 x 22.05”
  • Up to 29” stencils
  • Auto-setup functionality
  • 2D post-print inspection


Semiautomatic Printer
  • Print format: 17.72 x 19.69”
  • Up to 23” stencils
  • Programmable print parameters are saved to PLC
  • 2 fiducial cameras with zoom


Manual Fine-Pitch Printer
  • Print format: 11.81 x 12.6”
  • Up to 23” stencils
  • Squeegee guidance for precise printing
  • Simple setup and operation