Software and Traceability

Essemtecs Software Solutions for SMT production equipment include functions for job planning, feeder setup optimization, stock management, traceability, operational data analysis, line management and much more.

eMIS enables managers and operators to keep track of actual, future and past production. Flexible interfaces simplify integration into the existing ERP and MES environment.

ePlace is based on a job management with archiving system on which other functions build up, such as a job planning module, a setup optimization routine, a setup list generator, component storage management and more.

eStorage software records all movements and tracks all registered reels and number of items it contains. Shortages of materials can thus be counteracted in time. The touchscreen-based operator panel allows easy handling and provides information on the destination of outsourced reels.


Software Assisted Production Efficiency
  • CAD conversion in less than 1 minute
  • Component teaching in less than 2 minutes
  • Feeder change / setup during production
  • Free choice of feeder placement
  • In-situ process monitor
  • Offline programming
  • Line balancing for multiple tools
  • Optimizer for speed or minimum downtime
  • 3D stacking (dispense, place, dispense, place, ...)
  • 2.5D placement / cavities
  • Automatic board bow and warp mapping
  • SPC Charting
  • 3D Dispensing



Job Planning on ePlace

SPC Charting

Laser Height Mapping

3D Stacking / Process Sequence