SMD Storage Solutions

The Cubus (from cubare, Latin for storing) is a fully automated component storage cabinet for reels and JEDEC trays. It can also house boxes with various contents from connectors to assembly materials to PCBs, with a total weight of up to 7 lbs per shelf.

The spacing of the shelves is freely user configurable and thus allows you to adapt the cabinet to your changing needs.

Powerful software manages multiple storage locations and interacts with placement machines and MRP/ERP systems. Integration is easily achieved with a file based data exchange that requires nothing else but a network folder. Higher sophistication is achieved with an API/DLL to allow SQL database manipulation such as automatic work order loading or consumption reports. Lastly, Essemtec also offers a Web Service based integration over http/SOAP which works similar to a messaging service such as WhatsApp.

The Cubus can be operated as acomponent warehouse for smaller manufacturers wanting to improve operational efficiency, by reducing picking time considerably. Alternatively, the Cubus also serves as “Mini-Market” for high volume lines to avoid any down time due to parts running out.


Next Generation SMD Storage System
  • Regular: up to 612 reels
  • Large: up to 932 reels
  • Reel diameters 7 - 15 inches
  • Tape width 8 - 72 mm
  • Access time 9 - 11 seconds
  • Adjustable shelf spacing
  • JEDEC trays


Automatic Storage

Bar Code Recognition

Mangage Storage Locations

Adjustable Shelves