SMT Turnkey Production Solutions

Fully automatic SMT production lines with stencil or jet printer, pick-and-place, reflow system and board handling. Best performance for High-Mix manufacturing. Complete solutions from one supplier.


Medium Volume

High performance line for midsize volumes and high-mix productions. Product changeovers are extremely fast and simple. Modular expansion of the production capacity is possible.

Tucano – Paraquda4 – Zonda9
  • Up to 12.000 cph
  • Up to 200 feeder lanes
  • Component range 01005 to 3.15 x 2.75”
  • 9 zones reflow soldering

SMT Work Cell

Fully automatic production cell with dispensing, jet printing and pick-and-place in one single machine. Controlled component storage and traceability offer maximum performance.

Paraquda-MFC – Zonda7 – Cubus
  • Up to 12.000 cph
  • Up to 100.000 dots/h
  • Up to 240 feeder lanes
  • Component storage for up to 932 reels

High Flexibility

Automatic assembly of small batches. Flexible and easy programming. Reliable production with high quality for a wide range of applications.

Fino – Fox – RO300FC
  • Up to 4.500 cph
  • Up to 180 feeder lanes
  • Component range 0201 to 3.15” x 1.3”
  • 4 zones reflow soldering



SMT Prototyping is best suited for laboratories, development, universities, for start-ups, or as a prototyping line beside the automatic SMT production.

Fino – Pantera XV plus – RO300FC
  • Up to 4.500 cph
  • Up to 108 feeder lanes
  • Component range 0201 to 1.77 x 1.77”
  • 4 zones reflow soldering